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Due to the effects of COVID-19 (coronavirus), there are many people who are doing home work.

In fact, if you have Sirius PC, you can do remote work.

Here, we’ll compare it to other categorized PCs in terms of being good at remote work.


◆Comparison with personal computers in general

Sirius PC is a customizable DIY PC, so compared to a typical PC, the first assembly is a little hard, but it is flexible. Of course, the remote work is also easy.


◆Comparison with desktop pc

Desktop PC is powerful, but the downside is that they take place very much and are unfamiliar with the interior.

In that respect, Sirius PC is as powerful as it is, and it is more compact than any category of PCs.

There are currently two types of Sirius PC: The Sirius BIG BENTO PC (SBB) and the Sirius SMALL BENTO PC (SSB) series.

Even the larger SBB series is less than one-fifth the size of the slim tower type, which is commonly used in traditional desktop PCs in the offices.


◆Comparison with laptop

The advantage of a laptop is that it can be carried around, but the downside is that the screen is small.

In that respect, Sirius PC can be carried easily if only the main body, you can choose the display, keyboard and mouse freely.

It’s more powerful than a laptop and can be used for work without stress.

In addition, it has an advantage in terms of price.


◆Comparison with DIY PC

In the case of a typical DIY PC, it is necessary to prepare everything necessary as a personal computer before remote work including the power supply unit and the motherboard by yourself.

In addition, the disadvantage is that the main body size is large compared to the desktop pc made by the typical manufacturer.

In that respect, Sirius PC is the intermediate position of the manufacturer’s PC and the DIY PC, so there is no need to align from scratch,

It is recommended for light users.


◆Comparison with smartphone or tablet PC

After all, the advantage is that it is easy to carry and that you are familiar with it from everyday use,

It is not realistic to do all remote work with a smartphone or tablet.

And that is a communication tool simply. Also, many people maybe reluctant to use private smartphones at work.

In that respect, Sirius PC, for example, only when communication is needed, open SNS or video phone apps, etc., otherwise do not open, it is not disturbed your work.


◆Comparison with old PC

It must be said that it is severe in both the slowness of the overall operation, the security side, and the stability of the software when the personal computer has passed for about ten years. For example, during a tv conference, the screen is jerky, the sound is choppy… It might be a limit on the hard side.

The Sirius PC is a compact DIY PC, but it feels smooth and can be used to create a safe and comfortable environment by installing the latest operating system.


◆Recommended models

Sirius PC has a five-step model.

If you use it for work, we recommend at least Premium Economy Class or higher.


Learn more about the model.

If you are interested in Sirius PC, click here.


It was the introduction of Sirius PC that can be used for remote work ~ ~


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