If you don’t have it, make your own mask yourself !


In Japan, the G.W. has started in an unprecedented way.

I think there are a lot of people who work telecommuting these days and don’t go outside except for taking out the garbage and shopping.

Even when you’re out and about for safety reasons, wearing a mask can be annoying because it can make you feel stuffy, fog up your glasses, and make it hard to catch your expression.

In this time of emergency, such troublesome masks are no longer seen on the street.

Everyone needed it that normally would have gone almost unnoticed, all at once.


At such times.

If you don’t get it, let’s make your own masks !

In fact, almost all Japanese people take sewing lessons in elementary school, and in those days, they tried out backpacks, aprons, and other difficult things compared to masks.

Also, when you’re out and about for a bit, a little bit of an uplift is

“Make your own mask”.

If you are free during the GW, how about doing yourself ? It would make a great gift.

Name it “○○ (your name) Nomask”?


Travel Shisa NO Mask.

Not for sale.

That’s a long name !


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