Location of Sirius Calendar in Aug


When you visit various places, sometimes you get to a minor airline.

There are also unusual systems with ordinary airlines …..


Now, before that, let’s show where the location in August is !

It is…………



Okinawa Aguni Island !!!!!


Route : Naha – Aguni Island

Airline : First Flying Co., LTD.


Well, what is a strange system on a minor airline !?

For example, they measure your weight before boarding.

Because it is a small fuselage, it is to keep weight balance.

Of course, we can not choose the seats, it seems to decide the arrangement considering the balance.

With a small aircraft, there are no more than ten people,

Take off quickly!

Unlike large jet aircraft, rattling shakes. Is this alright…

But, such fear also blows away,

You can see magnificent scenery that you can not see on a large aircraft at hand!

Also, because the distance to the cockpit is close,

it may be soaked in the feeling you are manipulating!


Can you guess the location of next month ???


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