Location of Sirius Calendar in Dec


Finally this is a few more days !

And Merry Merry Christmas !

Now, on a trip by individual arrangements, pre-seat assignment of airplane has become a common era.

In LCC, seat assignment is mostly charged, but for major legacy it is free,

I think that those who has the preference of the seat have been used.

Actually, there are seats hidden in the seat designation …

Is that ··· ?


Now, before that, let’s show where the location in December is !

It is …………



Around Kanku !!!!!

It maybe soooooo difficult !!!!


Route : Kanku, Osaka – Haneda, Tokyo

Airline : ANA


Well, in Legacy, it seems that it is possible to designate seats at any time immediately after reservation,

Actually it is not so.

For example, in long-distance routes, the aisle side is popular,

because most are above the sky,

At such time, customers with the lowest price of economy class or one person etc,

if he designates your seat as he wishes, various inconveniences will occur.

Depending on the rank of purchased tickets, the place where seats can be designated may be limited in advance.

Actually, although it is vacant, it appears on the screen that other customers have already designated the seat.

If you are interested, try multiple tickets with a different price (rank) or award redemption ticket on the same flight !

I think that it is nearly full, and in fact it is full of vacant seats !


Thank you for having a relationship with everyone for one year!

Someday, on the sky.

Have a great year !


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