Location of Sirius Calendar in Jul


One of the pleasure of traveling, it is unusual.

Perhaps there are various memories, what are the things that are common to what you remember even after years ?


Now, before that, let’s show where the location in July is !

It is…………



Maldives !!!!!


Route : Male – Maldives

Airline : Trans Maldivian Airways


Well, even if several years passed, what is common to what I remember !?

An unexpected “happening”

Even good things or bad things,

Happening, which usually can not happen, makes traveling a good thing.


I had dropped my cell phone or met a person I met yesterday by accident,

I did not get drinking water, somehow I could not use the card,

just breaking down and looking for a toilet.


Although it is actually good at that time as scheduled journey,

things that I do not remember much later.

Let’s enjoy the ups and downs that occur in the trip!


Can you guess the location of next month ???


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