Location of Sirius Calendar in Jun


When traveling, it tends to be fidgety to something if it is the city that will be visited for the first time.

That is fresh with it, but I would like to enjoy it as soon as possible in the form of a home.

How do I recommend it?


Now, before that, let’s show where the location in June is !

It is…………



Near Zushi, Hayama of Kanto, Japan !!!!!


Route : Chofu – Oshima

Airline : New Central Airservice


Well, even if it’s a short itinerary, it’s a way to make a home atmosphere somewhat !!??

It is…….


“Using money at local shops”


Eating, a little souvenir, even experiences, whatever you like.

Just this alone, it makes you wonder that your home territory spreads a bit.

It is like a marking in a cat.

Please do try it by all means!


Can you guess the location of next month ???


《for your information》
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