Location of Sirius Calendar in Nov


Only two months the rest of this year.

Now, the journey by personal arrangements became the era of the natural today.

It is one of the features that there are a lot of scenes which are urged to correspond in the locale with something in the minute that there are many freedoms.

The power of face to face becomes more important than living in a Japan.



Now, before that, let’s show where the location in November is !

It is…………



Of course, Mt. Fuji !!!!!


Route : Narita, Tokyo – Kanku, Osaka, Kansai

Airline : Jetstar


Now, the reason why face-to-face power is important is that there are no countries that offer perfect service without Japan mistakes.

No matter how closely you prepare and plan in advance, you will always encounter artificial troubles and misconceptions.

In a stance waiting for someone to do something, things are never solved.

Basically, you have to do something by yourself.

For example, regarding the hotel,

you think

“This is not a standard room, it’s a slightly larger room, so book a nice view”

and book in advance.

… but actually checked in,

when I went to my room,

It was a normal room….

And the bed is not enough~~~~,

Not enough amenities~~~~~,

No towels~~~~~.

It could happen even in a prestigious hotel.

Japan’s not nearly like that. And it’s a great inspiring service and usually a quick response.


it begins

“Did you really book the room?”

“The room is full today.”

“We are going to have a different room, but housekeeping is coming in.



Several hours passed…




It is a routine event and even if you use this hotel.

Not only hotels, but these little troubles happen every once in a while,

so the power to do something is tested.

What happened to you?

Now it’s finally next month! Enjoy ~ ~.


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