Location of Sirius Calendar in Oct


How do you move on your journey?

What is the best way to travel while traveling?


Now, before that, let’s show where the location in October is !

It is…………



Uluru, Ayers Rock !!!!!


Route : Sydney – Uluru

Airline : Virgin Australia


Well, the means of transportation on the road is quite annoying.

If it is a tour etc., it is not necessary to worry about the side.

When it comes to “free travel of personal arrangements”, there are many choices.

It depends on what you want to do, time to stay, where you are traveling, etc.

Based on the concept of

Car Rental vs public transportation (taxi or train).

For example, there are buildings lined up in big cities, and even though the hotel is small, it is a place where prices are expensive.

(N.Y, Chicago, etc.) The car is in the way of the opposite, so it is recommended to choose public transport + walk.

In addition, as long as Asian countries are not very accustomed to the country, the prices are cheap, so taxis and trains are good.

On the other hand, in the areas where there are not so many cruising taxi, a region of 50km to 100km lightly in one move, the area where the train etc. are not running (ex.

L.A, Miami, etc.), I think it’s good to choose car rental and move freely.

Now, Let’s choose the best way to travel and enjoy !


Can you guess the location of next month ???


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