Location of Sirius Calendar in Sep


Differences in national characters appear in various places in airlines.

Most of the aircraft are either made in the US or made in Europe, but in fact, “people” operate in each country.

Japanese common sense is rather rare overseas !?


Now, before that, let’s show where the location in September is !

It is…………



Of course, Mt.Fuji !!!!!


Route : Tokyo – Naha

Airline : Japan Airline


Well, according to the national landmarks, it is famous worldwide that the service level of airline related services in Japan is high.

Although living in Japan tends to make such feeling natural,

The appearance of cleanliness, polite language, punctuality at the same level as a train, handling of checked baggage, guidance to transfer flights, speed of immigration,

“The perfection !!!” at all levels.

It is a unique culture that watches this as much as everywhere.

It may be said that the level of demands of the people is high by that much, but in other countries like this, there is no natural “service” like this in Japan.

Customers can also ask for “independence” in a good sense.

For example, it is extremely dangerous to have a transfer time of less than two hours by a transfer flight in the US.

Although reservation can be taken, arrival is delayed unless lucky, it will not be on time for a transfer flight.

If you fly to a city with few flights per day, the next flight may be after 8 hours (゚Д゚;

Even then such negotiations must be done on their own.

It may be said that the sight that Grandstaff ‘s person who runs frequently in Japan runs to the boarding gate together with customers is insane in the world.


Can you guess the location of next month ???


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