Sirius Crystal USB



Faster than the speed of light.

Sirius Crystal USB, it is a new USB memory provided by start-up company. Unique USB that shines beautifully when connected to a PC. All the people who get the Sirius Crystal USB will be delivered it with an aluminum package with a sense of Quality. It is also possible to record television programs and enter OS.





・high speed USB3.0
・Color : Silver / Gold
・Brand:Sirius Japan
・Beautiful brilliant USB
・Luxury Aluminum Case
・Available for using it as a recorder on TV



【Product List – Sirius Crystal USB】


Model number Interface Size Capacity OS RRP JAN code
SUB3-8G USB3.0 17mm×60mm 8GB - $60 4562468770858
SUB3-16G USB3.0 17mm×60mm 16GB - $80 4562468776928
SUB3-32G USB3.0 17mm×60mm 32GB - $100 4562468770865
SUB3-64G USB3.0 17mm×60mm 64GB - $140 4562468776935
SUB3-128G USB3.0 17mm×60mm 128GB - $180 4562468776942
SUB3-256G USB3.0 17mm×60mm 256GB - $240 4562468776959
SUB3G-8G USB3.0 17mm×60mm 8GB - $60 4562468776966
SUB3G-16G USB3.0 17mm×60mm 16GB - $80 4562468776973
SUB3G-32G USB3.0 17mm×60mm 32GB - $100 4562468776980
SUB3G-64G USB3.0 17mm×60mm 64GB - $140 4562468776997
SUB3G-128G USB3.0 17mm×60mm 128GB - $180 4562468777000
SUB3G-256G USB3.0 17mm×60mm 256GB - $240 4562468777017
SUB3-32G32BT(End of sale) USB3.0 17mm×60mm 32GB Android32bit $130 4562468770902
SUB3-32G64BT(End of sale) USB3.0 17mm×60mm 32GB Android64bit $130 4562468770919


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【Product Catalog】


・Sirius Crystal USB – Catalog(PDF)



【For those who wish to purchase – Sirius Japan Mall】


・Sirius Crystal USB