Sirius PC



Let’s make unique PC yourself !

Sirius PC, it is a new style of PC, presented by start-up company, Sirius. The concept is “Let’s make unique PC yourself ! ”. Sirius PC also emphasized design. Easy to move because both are compact and like Lunch Box ! Not only the living room, but also the office stylishly. Is it really okay with a smartphone only ? Assembling Sirius PC yourself is also very good learning. Of course, upgrade and downgrade freely. By freely combining Sirius Memory and Sirius SSD, let’s assemble your favorite personal computer. You can choose Monitor, keyboard, and even if OS (operating system) freely.
“Let’s make it yourself like a lunch box. Cool Sirius PC.”




・Sirius PC – PIY PC KIT
・2 series of Big BENTO PC & Small BENTO PC.
・Brand:Sirius Japan
・5 classes ( First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, Economy Class, Entry Class )
・Sirius user manual is easy to understand for light users
・Include : lunch box (PC case), delicious white rice (perfect motherboard and CPU)
・With Sirius Genuine Sticker




【Product List】


Series Model number Class Color Size Supported Memory (sold separately) Supported SSD (sold separately) RRP JAN code
BIG BENTO PC SBB-SC Entry Class Silver 19cm×22cm×6cm Details Details $283 4562468773897
BIG BENTO PC SBB-SP Economy Class Silver 19cm×22cm×6cm Details Details $300 4562468773903
BIG BENTO PC SBB-S3 Premium Economy Class Silver 19cm×22cm×6cm Details Details $633 4562468773910
BIG BENTO PC SBB-S5 Business Class Silver 19cm×22cm×6cm Details Details $722 4562468773927
BIG BENTO PC SBB-S7 First Class Silver 19cm×22cm×6cm Details Details $811 4562468773934
BIG BENTO PC SBB-BC Entry Class Black 19cm×22cm×6cm Details Details $283 4562468773941
BIG BENTO PC SBB-BP Economy Class Black 19cm×22cm×6cm Details Details $300 4562468773958
BIG BENTO PC SBB-B3 Premium Economy Class Black 19cm×22cm×6cm Details Details $633 4562468773965
BIG BENTO PC SBB-B5 Business Class Black 19cm×22cm×6cm Details Details $722 4562468773972
BIG BENTO PC SBB-B7 First Class Black 19cm×22cm×6cm Details Details $811 4562468773989
SMALL BENTO PC SSB-SC Entry Class White 11.8cm×11.8cm×5.5cm Details Details $283 4562468773996
SMALL BENTO PC SSB-SP Economy Class White 11.8cm×11.8cm×5.5cm Details Details $300 4562468774009
SMALL BENTO PC SSB-S3 Premium Economy Class White 11.8cm×11.8cm×5.5cm Details Details $633 4562468774016
SMALL BENTO PC SSB-S5 Business Class White 11.8cm×11.8cm×5.5cm Details Details $722 4562468774023
SMALL BENTO PC SSB-S7 First Class White 11.8cm×11.8cm×5.5cm Details Details $811 4562468774030
SMALL BENTO PC SSB-BC Entry Class Black 11.8cm×11.8cm×5.5cm Details Details $283 4562468774047
SMALL BENTO PC SSB-BP Economy Class Black 11.8cm×11.8cm×5.5cm Details Details $300 4562468774054
SMALL BENTO PC SSB-B3 Premium Economy Class Black 11.8cm×11.8cm×5.5cm Details Details $633 4562468774061
SMALL BENTO PC SSB-B5 Business Class Black 11.8cm×11.8cm×5.5cm Details Details $722 4562468774078
SMALL BENTO PC SSB-B7 First Class Black 11.8cm×11.8cm×5.5cm Details Details $811 4562468774085



【Promotional Video】


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* It is not a movie of Sirius PC.



【Sirius Compatibility Guarantee Service】


You may not know which to choose Sirius Memory or Sirius SSD.

For you, we investigate compatibility and report the results of the survey as a optional service before purchase.

Click here for details.


【Product Catalog】


・Sirius PC – Catalog(PDF)



【For those who wish to purchase – Sirius Japan Mall】


・Sirius Japan Mall – Sirius PC (Coming Soon)

・Sirius Compatibility Guarantee Service