Sirius PC – Which class should you choose ?


Subject :

Sirius Big BENTO PC Series

Sirius Small BENTO PC Series


Which class should you choose ?

You will find your perfect partner.

And, instead of just getting money out,

because you assemble it by oneself to some extent, you will understand its mechanism, and you will get attached.

See below for a reference on which class to choose.

It is ideal to choose 1-class upper model, referring to the use example.


【Entry Class】

A simple, price-sensitive model with minimal functionality.
You want a personal computer, but you don’t use it that much.
But the screen is too small in the smartphone, recommended for such a person.
You want to play with the PC for the time being !
Compared to airplanes, the recently-fashionable LCC.

Usage example) Yahoo news, blog/SNS post and check, save photo, print out, use of USB memory


【Economy Class】

It is the same as an airplane, and can be endured on long flights.
Yes, if you arrive safely to your destination is OK !
You want to use various things such as email, video, and map search.

Usage example) YouTube, flights, hotel and car reservations, courier arrangements, Google Map, Online Banking, music, New Year cards, envelopes creation, labeling


【Premium Economy Class】

A model that balances both cost and performance.
You want to use the movie and the video call reasonably comfortably.
Sometimes you might do heavy work.
It is recommended from this level if you use it every day.

Usage example) Netflix, Skype calls, Word, Excel, PDF, Online Shopping


【Business Class】

If you use it at work, it is recommended from this class.
While the browser also opens multiple tabs, and the condition of using the software at the same time,
The level at which multiple work can be handled at the same time.

Usage example) online storage, Web site creation, accounting software, online learning, Google Earth


【First Class】

Personal computers are, of course, self-made, but there is no conventional large body. You want to stick to the design.
You want the highest level of performance.
Moreover, you want to use it in private and work.
You want to do creative heavy work such as software for image editing such as design.
Just a status to have.

Usage example) IoT devices, illustrator, Photoshop, games, video making