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(English : BulBul ! Bullet Tripper ! )


How wonderful short trip !

You can trip anywhere even if your holiday is not so long.

We will publish our first book on July.2014 !

You can buy it on Amazon all over the world.

Don’t miss it !

Language : Japanese

How to read : Tablet, Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Samsung Phone, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Kindle…etc.
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We are Tripper, not Traveler.

We hope simple and light trip.

Where to Trip

Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul (South Korea), Guam (Micronesia), Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia),Los Angels,

Cebu (Philippines), New York, Saint Martin (Caribbean Sea), Key West (Florida), Miami, Macau, San Francisco, Canada

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