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Do represent to something, Incredible to universe for the first time

-Create Big Bang to the world

-Mix micro and macro

-Value ideal state

-The company is in your heart

-Do something needs to be done without money

-Create something and Create new business model, not maintenance of the status quo, not improvement

-What wants to do, not to be needed

-Create added value

-Let new creation needs, not respond needs

-Unique philosophy and idea not use knowledge and experience

-Value brainstorming culture

-Repeat fortuity and be inevitable

-Always trial and error

-Consider how to do, not excuse

-Keep burning like a fixed star

-Do valuable things, influence more, and leave something after ages

-Be liberal heart

-Love adventure

-Revenue is maximum in long-term view, Expense is minimum in daily basis, Investment is balance in long-term view


Sirius Japan LLC.