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世界地図 シリウスジェット

We are looking for great investors or sponsors.

Our mission is to create new business strategy for all over the world.

We have too much ideas of business which will let be better life on the earth.

We are going to establish branch offices on much areas.

If you are interested in us, sympathize us, or help us, please let us know.

May the Sirius with you.



Sirius Japan LLC.

President and Chief Executive Officer















Why do you choose our products with Sirius Japan Brand ?

1. Cool Design

We think All of Sirius Japan Brand must be So Cool.

Great Design will make the customer Excited.

Not only the the product, but also Great Manual with our mascot and Package.

You can sell our products soon.


2. Over 100 Countries can get opportunity

All of company which is located in all over the world will be our business partner.

If you have a own market in your country or the others, you and we are Win-Win situation.

This is Only Now in the growth process of Sirius Japan Brand.

Our manual is multilingual support, Japanese, English, French.


3.From Tokyo to all over the world

We can ship our products to you by freight company for example, FedEx, DHL, EMS.

So, Speedy and Safety.