Delivery time and distribution status



Since the declaration of the state of emergency last year, there has been a reduction in air traffic, which has caused a delay in logistics, especially between international destinations.

Currently, it takes up to two to three months to deliver finished products.

The following is a rough estimate of the number of days required for delivery.


【Products currently in the warehouse or in production】

・Customers in Japan: Shipment within a few days

・Sales agents in Japan: Shipment within a few days

・Overseas customers: Up to 3 months*1

・Overseas distributors: Up to 1 to 2 months*2

*1 Some countries (e.g. North America) have stopped accepting all air courier services for individuals, in which case only sea mail shipping services will be accepted.

*2 Due to the reduction of international flights, the storage period until the shipment is loaded on the aircraft is much longer than usual, and in some cases, transportation may be bypassed in multiple countries, so significant delays are expected.


【Products to be produced after orders are received】

・Customers in Japan: Up to 2 months

・Domestic distributors: Up to 2 months

・Overseas customers: Up to 5 months

・Overseas distributors: Up to 3 months

Since the route always goes through Japan, the final finished product, Sirius Japan Products, will always span multiple countries before it is delivered to all customers.

As a result, we are expecting significant delays compared to the normal period as described above.

We thank you for your understanding.


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