Why Sirius and How to seek ?

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We are start-up company, Sirius Japan LLC.


Sirius is a beautiful brilliant star in the winter.

Everybody can seek it.

Betelgeuse of Orion constellation which has 3 stars on a line,

Procyon of Canis minor constellation,

Finally, Sirius of Canis major constellation.

Sirius, Betelgeuse, Procyon are called great triangle in winter,

you can see them even if you live in large city.


We chose Sirius of them the reason why the brightest star in the earth’s night sky.

Mainly, we are located in Tokyo, Japan now.

But before that, we think we live on the Earth.

Our goals is to extend our brands, share them and offer new choices to the world.

Strictly speaking, it’s not important for us where our office is.

Because, the location of our company is in our heart, and in your heart.


We are manufacture, retailer and service industry.

It’s not important for us to belong where we are categorized.

We do things that we feel to need or want.

Our concept is “Representing something meaningful, and incredible to the universe for the first time.”


Sirius Japan LLC.
Sirius America, Inc.