Sirius Cat SSD – Meow Meow SSD launched ☆


Sirius Cat SSD アトリエ

We are pleased to announce the release of 【Sirius Cat x Sirius Japan】’s first collaborative product, Meow Meow SSD !

It will go on sale on February 2nd, 2022 (nyah nyah nyah) !

We’re taking pre-orders now, so take advantage of this opportunity !


【Product Page】
Sirius Japan Mall

Sirius Cat Observatory
Sirius Cat SSD – Meow Meow SSD

【Product Catalog】
Sirius Cat SSD – Brochure

When you purchase a Sirius Cat SSD (Meow Meow SSD), Sirius Japan will pay a royalty to Sirius Cat Organization,
and all the money will be used for activities to protect community cats. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Sirius Japan LLC.
Sirius America, Inc.