Sirius CF Card



Passing The Moment to the Memory.

Sirius CF card, it is a new style of compact flash card presented by our start-up company. You can choose from multiple beautiful colors, so you can use different colors by destination and event. It is memory card you want to take photos and movies without thinking. Passing The Moment to the Memory.





・CF card Compact Flash Card
・1000x, 800x
・Capacity:4 types to choose
・brand:Sirius Japan
・It has multiple colors be able to use different colors in various travels, events and so on.




【Product List – Sirius CF Card – 1000x】


Model number Type Capacity Color Speed RRP
SC10-128GMA CF 128GB Matcha 1000x $519
SC10-128GBGO CF 128GB Black Sesame 1000x $519
SC10-128GLNA CF 128GB Lemonade 1000x $519
SC10-128GRP CF 128GB Red Pepper 1000x $519
SC10-128GLI CF 128GB Lime 1000x $519
SC10-128GMJ CF 128GB Mojito 1000x $519
SC10-128GMT CF 128GB Mustard 1000x $519
SC10-128GMC CF 128GB Muscat 1000x $519
SC10-128GBB CF 128GB Blueberry 1000x $519
SC10-128GBH CF 128GB Blue Hawaii 1000x $519
SC10-128GGR CF 128GB Grape 1000x $519
SC10-128GBE CF 128GB Beet 1000x $519
SC10-128GBS CF 128GB Basil 1000x $519
SC10-128GDC CF 128GB Dark Chocolate 1000x $519
SC10-128GSMI CF 128GB Strawberry Milk 1000x $519
SC10-128GGI CF 128GB Ginger 1000x $519
SC10-128GSSE CF 128GB Sunnyside Egg 1000x $519
SC10-128GCB CF 128GB Cranberry 1000x $519
SC10-128GCR CF 128GB Carrot 1000x $519
SC10-128GCO CF 128GB Cafe au lait 1000x $519
SC10-64GMA CF 64GB Matcha 1000x $299
SC10-64GBGO CF 64GB Black Sesame 1000x $299
SC10-64GLNA CF 64GB Lemonade 1000x $299
SC10-64GRP CF 64GB Red Pepper 1000x $299
SC10-64GLI CF 64GB Lime 1000x $299
SC10-64GMJ CF 64GB Mojito 1000x $299
SC10-64GMT CF 64GB Mustard 1000x $299
SC10-64GMC CF 64GB Muscat 1000x $299
SC10-64GBB CF 64GB Blueberry 1000x $299
SC10-64GBH CF 64GB Blue Hawaii 1000x $299
SC10-64GGR CF 64GB Grape 1000x $299
SC10-64GBE CF 64GB Beet 1000x $299
SC10-64GBS CF 64GB Basil 1000x $299
SC10-64GDC CF 64GB Dark Chocolate 1000x $299
SC10-64GSMI CF 64GB Strawberry Milk 1000x $299
SC10-64GGI CF 64GB Ginger 1000x $299
SC10-64GSSE CF 64GB Sunnyside Egg 1000x $299
SC10-64GCB CF 64GB Cranberry 1000x $299
SC10-64GCR CF 64GB Carrot 1000x $299
SC10-64GCO CF 64GB Cafe au lait 1000x $299
SC10-32GMA CF 32GB Matcha 1000x $189
SC10-32GBGO CF 32GB Black Sesame 1000x $189
SC10-32GLNA CF 32GB Lemonade 1000x $189
SC10-32GRP CF 32GB Red Pepper 1000x $189
SC10-32GLI CF 32GB Lime 1000x $189
SC10-32GMJ CF 32GB Mojito 1000x $189
SC10-32GMT CF 32GB Mustard 1000x $189
SC10-32GMC CF 32GB Muscat 1000x $189
SC10-32GBB CF 32GB Blueberry 1000x $189
SC10-32GBH CF 32GB Blue Hawaii 1000x $189
SC10-32GGR CF 32GB Grape 1000x $189
SC10-32GBE CF 32GB Beet 1000x $189
SC10-32GBS CF 32GB Basil 1000x $189
SC10-32GDC CF 32GB Dark Chocolate 1000x $189
SC10-32GSMI CF 32GB Strawberry Milk 1000x $189
SC10-32GGI CF 32GB Ginger 1000x $189
SC10-32GSSE CF 32GB Sunnyside Egg 1000x $189
SC10-32GCB CF 32GB Cranberry 1000x $189
SC10-32GCR CF 32GB Carrot 1000x $189
SC10-32GCO CF 32GB Cafe au lait 1000x $189
SC10-16GMA CF 16GB Matcha 1000x $159
SC10-16GBGO CF 16GB Black Sesame 1000x $159
SC10-16GLNA CF 16GB Lemonade 1000x $159
SC10-16GRP CF 16GB Red Pepper 1000x $159
SC10-16GLI CF 16GB Lime 1000x $159
SC10-16GMJ CF 16GB Mojito 1000x $159
SC10-16GMT CF 16GB Mustard 1000x $159
SC10-16GMC CF 16GB Muscat 1000x $159
SC10-16GBB CF 16GB Blueberry 1000x $159
SC10-16GBH CF 16GB Blue Hawaii 1000x $159
SC10-16GGR CF 16GB Grape 1000x $159
SC10-16GBE CF 16GB Beet 1000x $159
SC10-16GBS CF 16GB Basil 1000x $159
SC10-16GDC CF 16GB Dark Chocolate 1000x $159
SC10-16GSMI CF 16GB Strawberry Milk 1000x $159
SC10-16GGI CF 16GB Ginger 1000x $159
SC10-16GSSE CF 16GB Sunnyside Egg 1000x $159
SC10-16GCB CF 16GB Cranberry 1000x $159
SC10-16GCR CF 16GB Carrot 1000x $159
SC10-16GCO CF 16GB Cafe au lait 1000x $159



【Product List – Sirius CF Card – 800x】


Model number Type Capacity Color Speed RRP JAN code
SC-128GBL CF 128GB Black 800x $500 4562468770636
SC-128GGR CF 128GB Green 800x $500 4562468770643
SC-128GOR CF 128GB Orange 800x $500 4562468770650
SC-128GPU CF 128GB Purple 800x $500 4562468770667
SC-128GPI CF 128GB Pink 800x $500 4562468770674
SC-64GBL CF 64GB Black 800x $280 4562468770582
SC-64GGR CF 64GB Green 800x $280 4562468770599
SC-64GOR CF 64GB Orange 800x $280 4562468770605
SC-64GPU CF 64GB Purple 800x $280 4562468770612
SC-64GPI CF 64GB Pink 800x $280 4562468770629
SC-32GBL CF 32GB Black 800x $170 4562468770537
SC-32GGR CF 32GB Green 800x $170 4562468770544
SC-32GOR CF 32GB Orange 800x $170 4562468770551
SC-32GPU CF 32GB Purple 800x $170 4562468770568
SC-32GPI CF 32GB Pink 800x $170 4562468770575
SC-16GBL CF 16GB Black 800x $140 4562468770483
SC-16GGR CF 16GB Green 800x $140 4562468770490
SC-16GOR CF 16GB Orange 800x $140 4562468770506
SC-16GPU CF 16GB Purple 800x $140 4562468770513
SC-16GPI CF 16GB Pink 800x $140 4562468770520



【Product Catalog】


・Sirius CF Card – Catalog(PDF)



【For those who wish to purchase – Sirius Japan Mall】


・Sirius CF Card