Sirius Mobile Battery



Passion for the charge.

Sirius Mobile Battery, it is a luxurious mobile battery which given by our start-up company. You can choose from five colors. Aluminum body that you want to touch for a long time. For charging smartphone, tablet phone, digital camera. It is the size that can be brought into the aircraft. Passion for the charge.





・Passion for the charge!
・For charging a smartphone, tablet PC, digital camera.
・Can’t stop touching the body of aluminum.
・Brand:Sirius Japan
・Big capacity:10,000mAh (4~5 times for charging smartphone)
・Input:micro USB
・Output:Dual USB(1.0A & 2.1A)



【Product List – Sirius Mobile Battery】


Model number Color Size Capacity RRP JAN code
SMB-G10K Gold 153mm×75mm×10mm 10,000mAh $90 4562468770803
SMB-B10K Blue 153mm×75mm×10mm 10,000mAh $90 4562468770810
SMB-P10K Pink 153mm×75mm×10mm 10,000mAh $90 4562468770827
SMB-BK10K Black 153mm×75mm×10mm 10,000mAh $90 4562468770834
SMB-S10K Silver 153mm×75mm×10mm 10,000mAh $90 4562468770841


【Product Catalog】


・Sirius Crystal USB – Catalog(PDF)



【For those who wish to purchase – Sirius Japan Mall】


・Sirius Mobile Battery