Sirius SSD & Sirius Portable SSD

【Concept – Sirius SSD】


Faster than the speed of light.

Sirius SSD, it is a new SSD given by a venture company. It is unique and cool design. Unlike traditional HDD (hard disk), silence & overwhelming speed comfort. If you prepare Sirius SSD case (external drive case) addtionally, TV program recording and data backup are also possible. For everyone who has Sirius SSD, we offer not only functionality but also exciting mind. Faster than the speed of light.



【Contents – Sirius SSD】


・Sirius SSD is ideal for OS installation, backup, program recording, etc.
・Sirius SSD case for external attachment and Sirius SSD are outstanding compatibility.
・Brand:Sirius Japan
・With Unique Manual
・With Sirius Genuine Sticker



【Product List – Sirius SSD (Compact)】


Model number Type Size Capacity RRP JAN code
SDM-128G mSATA 31mm×51mm 128GB $130 4562468777406
SDM-256G mSATA 31mm×51mm 256GB $190 4562468777413
SDM-512G mSATA 31mm×51mm 512GB $340 4562468777420
SDM-1T mSATA 31mm×51mm 1TB $400 4562468777437
SDM4-128G M.2(2242) 22mm×42mm 128GB $155 4562468777444
SDM4-256G M.2(2242) 22mm×42mm 256GB $227 4562468777451
SDM4-512G M.2(2242) 22mm×42mm 512GB $407 4562468777468
SDM4-1T M.2(2242) 22mm×42mm 1TB $480 4562468777475
SDM8-128G M.2(2280) 22mm×80mm 128GB $155 4562468777482
SDM8-256G M.2(2280) 22mm×80mm 256GB $227 4562468777499
SDM8-512G M.2(2280) 22mm×80mm 512GB $407 4562468777505
SDM8-1T M.2(2280) 22mm×80mm 1TB $480 4562468777512
SDPN-128G PCIe NVMe 22mm×80mm 128GB $186 4562468777529
SDPN-256G PCIe NVMe 22mm×80mm 256GB $273 4562468777536
SDPN-512G PCIe NVMe 22mm×80mm 512GB $489 4562468777543
SDPN-1T PCIe NVMe 22mm×80mm 1TB $575 4562468777550

M.2 ホームページ用-en


【Product List – Sirius SSD (Basic)】


Model number Size Capacity RRP JAN code
SD3-120G 2.5inch(100mm×70mm×7mm) 120GB $130 4562468770681
SD3-240G 2.5inch(100mm×70mm×7mm) 240GB $190 4562468770698
SD3-480G 2.5inch(100mm×70mm×7mm) 480GB $340 4562468770704
SD3-960G 2.5inch(100mm×70mm×7mm) 960GB $400 4562468774290
SD3-2T 2.5inch(100mm×70mm×7mm) 2TB $720 4562468776911


ssd       ssd2


【Product List – Sirius Cat SSD (Meow Meow SSD)】


Model number Size Capacity RRP JAN code
Special Model SCD-120G 2.5inch(100mm×70mm×7mm) 120GB $140 4562468777567
Special Model SCD-240G 2.5inch(100mm×70mm×7mm) 240GB $200 4562468777574
Special Model SCD-480G 2.5inch(100mm×70mm×7mm) 480GB $350 4562468777581
Special Model SCD-960G 2.5inch(100mm×70mm×7mm) 960GB ¥410 4562468777598

Sirius Cat SSD アトリエ


【Product List – Sirius SSD Case (end of sale) 】


Model number Color Size Interface RRP JAN code
SD3-RC  (end of sale) RED for 2.5inch(76mm×126mm×13mm) USB3.0 $60 4562468770872
SD3-BC  (end of sale) BLUE for 2.5inch(76mm×126mm×13mm) USB3.0 $60 4562468770889
SD3-BKC  (end of sale) BLACK for 2.5inch(76mm×126mm×13mm) USB3.0 $60 4562468770896


【Concept – Sirius Portable SSD】


Like a harmonica.

Sirius Portable SSD, a new form of external SSD from a venture company. The concept is “just like a harmonica”. The Sirius Portable SSD is compact and easy to carry, because of like a harmonica. The built-in PCIe SSD is faster than ever before. The interface is a high-speed dual model with USB 3.1 and Type C. Enjoy the feel of the beautiful aluminum body and the flexibility of its tone. You’re a data player now.


【Contents – Sirius Portable SSD】


・High-speed dual model of USB 3.1 & Type C
・Built-in PCIe SSD
・Aluminum body
・Brand: Sirius Japan
・Original instruction manual is included.



【Product List – Sirius Portable SSD】


Model number Color Size Capacity Interface RRP JAN code
SDE-B12 Black 12cm×2.5cm×0.9cm 120GB USB3.1 & TypeC $150 4562468774214
SDE-B24 Black 12cm×2.5cm×0.9cm 240GB USB3.1 & TypeC $200 4562468774221
SDE-B48 Black 12cm×2.5cm×0.9cm 480GB USB3.1 & TypeC $260 4562468774238
SDE-B96 Black 12cm×2.5cm×0.9cm 960GB USB3.1 & TypeC $460 4562468774245
SDE-S12 Silver 12cm×2.5cm×0.9cm 120GB USB3.1 & TypeC $150 4562468776836
SDE-S24 Silver 12cm×2.5cm×0.9cm 240GB USB3.1 & TypeC $200 4562468776843
SDE-S48 Silver 12cm×2.5cm×0.9cm 480GB USB3.1 & TypeC $260 4562468776850
SDE-S96 Silver 12cm×2.5cm×0.9cm 960GB USB3.1 & TypeC $460 4562468776867
SDE-G12 Gold 12cm×2.5cm×0.9cm 120GB USB3.1 & TypeC $150 4562468776874
SDE-G24 Gold 12cm×2.5cm×0.9cm 240GB USB3.1 & TypeC $200 4562468776881
SDE-G48 Gold 12cm×2.5cm×0.9cm 480GB USB3.1 & TypeC $260 4562468776898
SDE-G96 Gold 12cm×2.5cm×0.9cm 960GB USB3.1 & TypeC $460 4562468776904
SDE-M12 Metallic Gray 12cm×2.5cm×0.9cm 120GB USB3.1 & TypeC $150 4562468777161
SDE-M24 Metallic Gray 12cm×2.5cm×0.9cm 240GB USB3.1 & TypeC $200 4562468777178
SDE-M48 Metallic Gray 12cm×2.5cm×0.9cm 480GB USB3.1 & TypeC $260 4562468777185
SDE-M96 Metallic Gray 12cm×2.5cm×0.9cm 960GB USB3.1 & TypeC $460 4562468777192

Sirius Portable SSD トラベルシーサー Silver

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【Sirius Compatibility Guarantee Service】


You may not know which to choose. You may not know if Sirius SSD fits your computer.

For you, we investigate compatibility and report the results of the survey as a optional service before purchase.

Click here for details.

【Product Catalog】


・Sirius SSD – Catalog(PDF)



【For those who wish to purchase – Sirius Japan Mall】


・Sirius SSD

・Sirius Portable SSD

・Sirius Compatibility Guarantee Service