Sirius SSD & Sirius SSD Case



Faster than the speed of light.

Sirius SSD, it is a new SSD given by a venture company. It is unique and cool design. Unlike traditional HDD (hard disk), silence & overwhelming speed comfort. If you prepare Sirius SSD case (external drive case) addtionally, TV program recording and data backup are also possible. For everyone who has Sirius SSD, we offer not only functionality but also exciting mind. Faster than the speed of light.





・Sirius SSD is ideal for OS installation, backup, program recording, etc.
・Sirius SSD case for external attachment and Sirius SSD are outstanding compatibility.
・Brand:Sirius Japan
・With Unique Manual
・With Sirius Genuine Sticker



【Product List – Sirius SSD】


Model number Size Capacity RRP JAN code
SD3-120G 2.5inch(100mm×70mm×7mm) 120GB $130 4562468770681
SD3-240G 2.5inch(100mm×70mm×7mm) 240GB $190 4562468770698
SD3-480G 2.5inch(100mm×70mm×7mm) 480GB $340 4562468770704

ssd       ssd2



【Product List – Sirius SSD Case(external drive case)】


Model number Color Size Interface RRP JAN code
SD3-RC RED for 2.5inch(76mm×126mm×13mm) USB3.0 $60 4562468770872
SD3-BC BLUE for 2.5inch(76mm×126mm×13mm) USB3.0 $60 4562468770889
SD3-BKC BLACK for 2.5inch(76mm×126mm×13mm) USB3.0 $60 4562468770896


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【Sirius Compatibility Guarantee Service】


You may not know which to choose. You may not know if Sirius SSD fits your computer.

For you, we investigate compatibility and report the results of the survey as a optional service before purchase.

Click here for details.

【Product Catalog】


・Sirius SSD – Catalog(PDF)



【For those who wish to purchase – Sirius Japan Mall】


・Sirius SSD

・Sirius SSD Case (external drive case)

・Sirius Compatibility Guarantee Service