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If it’s not the coolest, most exciting product, it’s not SIRIUS.


The product that was normal until now, “Sirius Japan ” will be created as follows.


【Sirius PC】

4562468773897.PT03 4562468773897.PT10

 Sirius PC, it is a new style of PC, presented by start-up company, Sirius.

The concept is “Let’s make unique PC yourself ! ”.

Sirius PC also emphasized design.

Easy to move because both are compact and like Lunch Box !

Not only the living room, but also the office stylishly.

Is it really okay with a smartphone only ? Assembling Sirius PC yourself is also very good learning.

Of course, upgrade and downgrade freely.

By freely combining Sirius Memory and Sirius SSD, let’s assemble your favorite personal computer.

You can choose Monitor, keyboard, and even if OS (operating system) freely.

“Let’s make it yourself like a lunch box. Cool Sirius PC.”

Learn more about Sirius PC.


【Sirius Memory (RAM)】

シリウスメモリー DDR3 シリウスメモリー DDR4

 Sirius memory, it is a new memory presented by venture companies.

The concept is “Faster than the speed of light”.

For everyone who has Sirius Memory,

we offer not only functionality but also exciting mind.

Learn more about Sirius Memory.


【Sirius SSD & Sirius Portable SSD】


 Sirius SSD, it is a new SSD given by a venture company.

It is unique and cool design.

Unlike traditional HDD (hard disk), silence & overwhelming speed comfort.

If you prepare Sirius SSD case (external drive case) addtionally, TV program recording and data backup are also possible.

For everyone who has Sirius SSD, we offer not only functionality but also exciting mind.

Faster than the speed of light.

Learn more about Sirius SSD and Sirius Portable SSD.

【Sirius Waterproof Camera】


 Sirius Waterproof Camera, it began the thought that we did not want to bring smartphone to the waterside !

Double screen that can also take self-taking.

You can choose from four color Color.

By switching the shooting mode, you can shoot night scenes beautifully.

It is a new designable camera that our start-up company gives that can be used not only in the sea but also on land.

All of on the Land, Sea, Air.

Learn more about Sirius Waterproof Camera.

【Sirius CF Card】


Sirius CF card, it is a new style of compact flash card presented by our start-up company.

You can choose from 5 beautiful colors, so you can use different colors by destination and event.

It is memory card you want to take photos and movies without thinking.

Passing The Moment to the Memory.

Learn more about Sirius CF Card.

【Sirius Crystal USB】


 Sirius Crystal USB, it is a new USB memory provided by start-up company.

Unique USB that shines beautifully when connected to a PC.

All the people who get the Sirius Crystal USB will be delivered it with an aluminum package with a sense of Quality.

It is also possible to record television programs and enter OS.

Learn more about Sirius Crystal USB.

【Sirius Goods】

表紙  ナンバープレート画像

Sirius products are designed with a unique concept and exciting design.

With a free idea unique to a start-up company, we make everyone’s day a little Happy.

The Sirius 2018 Calendar collects only those taken from the interior of the Airplane.

All 12 kinds of Sirius license Plates…etc.

Learn more about Sirius Goods.

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