☆Sirius PC☆ using the TV




Today, we will show you how to build the Sirius PC using the existing equipment as much as possible.

It’s pretty SIMPLE and EASY.

Instead of a display, you can substitute a TV.

Below, we’ll show you the benefits of using your TV as a display.


◆Advantages of using the TV 1

Compared to ordinary computer displays, the screen is much larger, so your eyes and shoulders will be less tired.


◆Advantages of using the TV 2

Compared to PC displays, the picture quality is much better, so it is possible to see very clearly, for example, in video conferences.


◆Advantages of using the TV 3

Since there is no need to place a separate PC display, the limited space can be effectively utilized.


◆Advantages of using the TV 4

Cost advantage. Having a separate set of displays will cost you money on its own. By making good use of your existing TV, you can keep your initial costs down.


◆Advantages of using the TV 5

Easy to switch on and off. It is not possible to watch a TV program and project a computer screen at the same time. This means that if you’re doing remote work, you can shut it down or put it to sleep when you’re finished with your work, and use it in your private life when you’re watching a TV show. You won’t be able to concentrate on your computer work because the TV is so loud.


◆How do you install it !

An LCD TV usually has an HDMI terminal on the side or back of the display.

If you connect it to your PC with an HDMI cable, it will automatically adjust to the size of the screen.

It’s easy to install.

All you have to do is connect it with an HDMI cable.


◆We also recommend the following uses !

In fact, even if you already have a PC display, we recommend that you move your Sirius PC near the TV only when you want to see more beautifully or need a bigger screen, for example, in a video conference. Other than that, you sometimes work quietly in a separate room.

The Sirius PC is compact and easy to move, and since it is sold only as a main unit, it is also ideal for use with the TV. It’s also designed to naturally match the living space it’s placed in.


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This is how to use the Sirius PC with the TV ~ ~


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